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Hodgson Part 087, Rear Seal Plate

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rearseal09The rear seal plate is one of the last parts to be made from my 125mm diameter by 300mm piece of Aluminum 7075-T6. I bought a stick of this long enough to make the front cover, crankcase, rear seal plate, air guide, impeller, and a few fixtures. The diameter was needed to accommodate the crankcase so I did end up wasting a little material on the other parts.

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Hodgson Part 077, Oil Pump Housing

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Hodgson Oil Pump Assembly

pump01For the oil pump housing, I chose C63000 nickel aluminum bronze (known as QAL9-4 bronze here in China). This material has high strength because of the added nickel and good wear resistance. The downside is this material is very “grabby” and tends to warp if you get it hot. Therefore, I’m going to machine it in two phases with a stress relieving operation in-between.

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Hodgson Part 073, Header Flange

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Hodgson Intake & Exhaust Pipes

I clamped up a scrap tooling plate in the mill vise and used a couple of small clamps to hold a 3/32″ sheet of yellow brass on it. I then laid out a 1.375″x0.600″ grid of 15 flanges, drilling a clearance header01hole in the brass, and tapping the tooling plate below with a #6-32 tap. Once some #6 screws were tightened down, I was ready to roll.

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