Fabricated Parts & Motor Mounts

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SolidWorks 2014 Perkins Fabricated Parts (17.5M)

In addition to the bellhousing, quite a number of other parts needed to be fabricated before the engine was ready to be installed.  The Perkins came without electrics, and the old Iveco starter would not fit the new engine.  A new starter was purchased, but I was able to use the old alternator by fabricating a new mount.

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Flywheel Modifications

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FlywheelIndicateWith the bellhousing finished, it was time to move on to the flywheel.  This 76lb chunk of cast iron needed to be modified to maintain the same setback (bellhousing flange to flywheel face) dimension as the Iveco setup.  The pilot bore needed to be changed to fit the transmission torque converter, and new mounting holes for the flex plate needed to be drilled and counterbored.

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