I’ve done a bunch of miscellaneous and hobby projects but have photos of only a few. Most of them fit into the categories of remodeling, building structures and furniture, tree climbing/removal, and cars.

My dad started teaching me to woodwork when I was just a kid and over the years I’ve done quite a wide variety of wood or woodworking projects. I learned to climb trees to fell them quite a few years ago now, when faced with about 25 old dangerous white pines at a CT house. More recently I’ve taken down a few dozen more and used one to build a new gate. I had oaks sawn into useful planks and used them when building a garden shed in CT. I’ve built some furniture and all the cabinetry for a kitchen, as well as a miscellaneous bunch of garden projects for my gardening wife.

Here are links to the few that I’ve got photos of, beginning with the garden shed that I built at one house (now left behind), which has proven to be of interest to many.