I’ve been doing small electrical and electronics projects for almost longer than I can remember and I haven’t written about or taken photos of most of them. I’m hoping I’ll do better in future, but in the meantime here are a few projects that I’ve got photos for which might be of interest to some.

I decided to focus on my smallest hobby when I lived in an apartment in China, having no house to remodel, cars to build, or trees to remove, so I bought a good magnifier to help with the tiny parts and the micro-scale soldering.

The only heat in the China office came from a little portable unit which was turned off every evening by the cleaning crew. It was noon every day before the ice thawed on my desk! So I decided on a technological solution. I built an ifrared timer to turn my office air conditioner/heater on before I arrived each day, which involved deciphering the unit controller. Here’s how I did it.

And here are a few other completed projects: