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Bigger bite for a little saw

I do a little tree climbing, and the saw I take in the tree with me is a Stihl MS192T.  It’s a great little saw, not as powerful at the MS200T, but enough to do what I need.  However one shortcoming it has is the integral plastic bucking spike.  The plastic teeth are too short, ill shaped, and just plain too dull to dig into the bark.

ms192tPartsWhile browsing the parts manual for this saw, I noticed one of the images showed a separate bucking spike and chain catcher.  The spike part number is 1129 664 0500, and you’ll also need two of the special screws, PN 9074 477 4130.

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Tree Climbing

streetLogs2I learned to climb when I needed to take down about 25 old dangerous white pines at our CT house, and the skill has come in handy here at our MA house too. I’ve got all the trees down now that need climbing, the rest can be felled from the ground, but I’m glad I had the skill for when I needed it.

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fence-11Compared to our CT house, our house in MA has even more ragged old White Pines that need clearing. I haven’t yet had a chance to get really started, but I did take one dead tree down recently when I needed to build a section of rail fence to act as a gate in the stone wall. After cutting and setting posts to match the mailbox post that I made, I needed a 14 ft section of rail to fill the gate opening. This is far longer than the split rails available at the store but there was a simple solution.

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