MultiTherm Development

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Multi ple  Therm ometer – A small AVR µController based datalogger to display and record the output from multiple DS18x20 thermometers.

This began as a simple monitor for a friend to keep track of the temperature of his bicycle dynamometer. It was envisioned as a device to grab the temperature information from a couple of Dallas Semiconductor DS18x20 1-Wire® Thermometers and send the information to a serial port of a laptop computer for logging and subsequent graphing and analysis. It evolved into what is presented here.

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MultiTherm Operation

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The software for the MultiTherm logger is based on a state machine. There are multiple operating modes or “states” of which the logger will in one at any given time.

initUpon startup, the current version of the firmware will be displayed followed by the number of DS18x20 (either DS1820 [discontinued], DS18B20, or DS18S20) temperature sensors discovered on the 1-Wire bus. A few seconds later a message Continue reading

MultiTherm Logging and Demo Board

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loggingThe logging mode is entered by pressing any button other than MODE while on the startup screen. Along the left-hand side of the screen are either one or two device numbers and temperature readings in °C. These readings are the result of the previous temperature scan. The time of the last scan is displayed in the upper right, and the time until the next reading is displayed in the lower right. While in logging mode, the UP Continue reading