Hodgson Part 023, Housing

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housing41The crankcase started life as a 125mm diameter by 300mm piece of Aluminum 7075-T6. I bought a stick of this long enough to make the front cover, crankcase, rear seal plate, air guide, impeller, and a few fixtures. The diameter was needed to accommodate the crankcase so I did end up wasting a little material on the other parts. To make the crankcase, I sawed off a 4.75″ section so I could move everything closer to the chuck.

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Hodgson Part 024/069 Cylinder Studs & Value Adjusters

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round03I’ve combined the cylinder studs and the valve adjusters on one page because they are practically the same thing. I bought one box of #4-40×3/4″ 18-8 stainless set screws from McMaster-Carr (P/N 92311A113). For the cylinder studs, the socket end was cut off and rounded. For the valve adjusters, the cup end was cut off and rounded.

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Hodgson Part 027, Tappet

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tappet09Finding high quality materials here in China is a problem so I’m always looking outside-the-box to find materials for my parts. For these tappets, I ended up killing three birds with one stone. By using some hardened dowel pins from McMaster-Carr, I ended up with quality steel, a ground surface finish to ride against the bronze tappet bushings, and a hard material to ride against the cam ring.

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