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Rocking Horse

horse1Another long ago furniture project. When my boss’ son was born back in 1992, I made this rocking horse for him out of a pallet that a large CNC machine was delivered on. The main runners of this pallet were some 8×12″ red oak timbers. After re-sawing and planing, this beautiful wood emerged from the oil soaked pallet.

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Desks and Dressers

cabinetTomHandmade_lgAs I look back I realize that before we went to China and took up photography as a sort of hobby, we had not taken pictures of many of the projects that I built. And even where we had a picture of the finished project we didn’t take the in-process photo records that you see for many of my metalworking projects. In future I’ll try to be sure to do that, but for now I’ll just show a couple of pictures that I have handy right now.

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