Desks and Dressers

cabinetTomHandmade_lgAs I look back I realize that before we went to China and took up photography as a sort of hobby, we had not taken pictures of many of the projects that I built. And even where we had a picture of the finished project we didn’t take the in-process photo records that you see for many of my metalworking projects. In future I’ll try to be sure to do that, but for now I’ll just show a couple of pictures that I have handy right now.

I built two of these cabinets as gifts for my sister-in-law on the birth of her twins. The tops converted from changing-tables to dressers. Once her kids were grown and moved out of the house, I got to reclaim them for my office.

desks1_lgdesks5_lgWe gave her another of my early projects in exchange: a pair of mahogany desks that we used in our home office for the last couple of decades.  They are too small for us, so while she is putting my desks to good use we are using a pair of long tables that I also built but don’t have any photos of.