Hodgson Part 025, Tappet Bushings

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bushing04The plans call for regular brass for the tappet bushings, but I decided to use sintered bronze bushings (McMaster-Carr P/N 6391K116) as my starting point. These are 3/16″IDx5/16″ODx1/2″LG SAE841 oil-impregnated, sintered bronze bushings.

bushing01I made an expansion arbor out of a scrap of 3/8″ drill rod. The end was tapped with a #6-32 plug tap to leave 2-3 incomplete threads at the bottom, and then split with a 0.020″ slitting saw in the mill. A regular set screw will then expand the arbor when it encounters these incomplete threads.

bushing02The bushing is first faced to length, and then rough turned with a thin carbide grooving tool. The small step on the left end will be turned into a 10° chamfer for ease of insertion in the crankcase.

bushing03Here is the final profiling operation with the nose radius and 10° chamfer finished. I’m not really crazy about the rough appearance due to the pores in the material, but I think having the tappets running in an oil impregnated bushing outweighs the cosmetic considerations.

bushing04Here are the completed tappets bushings along with a piloted installation tool made from another scrap of 3/8″ drill rod. I’ll run a final ream through the bore after installation in the crankcase.


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