Bigger bite for a little saw

I do a little tree climbing, and the saw I take in the tree with me is a Stihl MS192T.  It’s a great little saw, not as powerful at the MS200T, but enough to do what I need.  However one shortcoming it has is the integral plastic bucking spike.  The plastic teeth are too short, ill shaped, and just plain too dull to dig into the bark.

ms192tPartsWhile browsing the parts manual for this saw, I noticed one of the images showed a separate bucking spike and chain catcher.  The spike part number is 1129 664 0500, and you’ll also need two of the special screws, PN 9074 477 4130.

MS192T DogsBefore installing the new metal spike strip on my saw, I filed off the original plastic teeth.  The metal teeth and the plastic teeth were in different places and I felt that the plastic teeth would just get in the way.

MS192T Plastic CatcherThe parts list also shows a metal chain catcher (PN 1129 656 7701). You don’t need this until, not if, but when, the integral plastic catcher gets ripped off your chain cover.  The new metal catcher will not fit on the saw with the plastic catcher still in place.

MS192T New CatcherYou have the option of cutting the plastic catcher off, but I chose to wait.  The new catcher installs using the lower bucking spike screw and sits in the recess cast into the plastic engine housing.

The new teeth are a big improvement.  They are thinner, longer, and sharper all of which make it much easier for them to dig in which in turn makes it much easier to work the saw one-handed without killing your wrist.  A mod highly recommended.