Hodgson Part 067, Rocker Pivots

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pivot03The material I used for the rocker pivots was purchased from McMaster-Carr. I chose some 3/32″ precision ground 316 stainless shafting, P/N 1263K37, that was 0.0002″ undersize. Two 36″ pieces should be enough to make the pivot pins and all of the pushrods.

pivot01Finally, a simple part. However, the size does make it a little difficult to work with. After using my parting tool as a work stop, I’m getting ready to part of a 1/2″ piece.

pivot0220 pieces later, and I can add a 15°x0.050″ chamfer to one end of each of the pins. After this, the only thing left to do was a quick deburring with some 3000 grit paper.

pivot03Here are a few of the rocker pivot pins and rocker arms ready to be assembled.

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