Hodgson Part 075, Flange Gasket

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gasket04Once again it’s McMaster-Carr to the rescue. I ordered a sheet of 1/64″ +400°F aramid fiber gasket (McMaster P/N 9470K36). Now the only problem was how to cut the gaskets.

gasket01Initially, I thought I was going to have to make a punch and die to hammer out the gaskets, but then I though a laser might make quick work of these parts. Luckily, I had an 80W CO2 laser available to me, but there are hundreds of laser service bureaus out there (for example Ponoko) that will do cutting for a reasonable fee.

I ended up cutting 50 gaskets in under 5 minutes.

gasket02The gaskets easily punched out of the sheet, but the laser did leave a little bit of charred residue along the cuts.

gasket03I stacked the 50 gaskets on a couple of 5/16″ drill bits and used a toothbrush to remove the chared residue. A few minutes of brushing and they cleaned up very nicely.

gasket04All done, with a few extra in case I decide to build that 18-cylinder.

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