Hodgson Part 061, Valve Spring Retainers

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retainer01Once again my laziness shows through. Instead of making these retainers from scratch, I started with some 1mm stainless dowel pins from McMaster-Carr.

P/N 91585A003 was 8mm long and made from 18-8 stainless. The only thing left to do to these pins was to shorten them to 0.245″ long.

retainer02I milled a scrap piece of steel to 0.245″ thick and drilled a series of 0.046″ holes down the center.

retainer03From a scrap piece of aluminum, I made a cap that would apply pressure to the top of the pins while pushing the steel guide across a piece of 320 grit paper on my surface plate.

retainer04Here’s the grinding operation in progress. I flipped the guide and the pins over a few times while grinding to remove roughly equal amounts from both ends of the pins.

retainer05After about 5 minutes of grinding with the 320 paper, I switched to some 600 grit paper for a few strokes on each end to finish the pins off.



Here are the finished valve spring retainer pins. Now I just hope I don’t loose these miniature things before I’m ready to assemble the heads!

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