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Garage Door Opener Circuit Design

componentMy ’99 Miata didn’t include an integral garage door opener but there were aftermarket modification kits available that inspired me to add one, with a few modifications, of course! Here is the write up that I created back then:

Tom Madracki, of Yorba Linda Miata, has an interesting garage door opener modification on his website. His opener modification activates the garage door opener whenever the high-beam headlights are turned on.

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Seat Heater

seat-pan-with-cablesThis is a write-up that I did for a local Miata club website back around ’99 or 2000. It includs the schematics but only a few photos, I didn’t take nearly as many back then as I’ve done for more recent projects. And, although the voice here is written as a set of instructions it has been a long time since I wrote this so use anything entirely at your own risk! Here’s the original write-up:

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Trunk Light

Wiring Schematic’99 Miata Trunk Light Modification

Back in 1999 I wrote up some instructions to help other Miata enthusiasts make a minor change to their cars, for less than $8 and about two hours of time, which I thought made a worthwhile improvement to the car design. I’ve included a copy of my instructions below if anyone is interested in how I made this modification.

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