Hodgson Part 048, Slave Rod Pins

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01-part_stopFinally, a nice simple part if you ignore the 0.018″ snap ring grooves. I started with some 12L14 unhardened precision ground shafting from McMaster-Carr. This shafting, p/n 1327k52, has a diametrical tolerance of +0.0000″ to -0.0002″ with a 10rms surface finish.

With the stock in 3/16″ collet, I’m using my parting tool as a stop. I’ve preset all of my tools in the DRO on my lathe so each cutting operation on the part is assigned a different “zero”. I most cases having these preset on the DRO means that I don’t need to remember dimensions, I just crank until the DRO readouts show 0.000 for X and Y. In this case, this is Zero #1, and my tool is at +0.020″ in Y.

02-face_endStill with Zero #1, I’m moved Y to 0.000″ and I’m facing the end of the pin. I have flood coolant on the lathe, but I rarely use it. Most of the time on these small parts, I just using a couple of drops of LPS Tapmagic (either #1 or #2 depending on the material).

03-ring_grooveWith tool #2, I’m cutting the first snap ring groove. My zeros are set so that the first groove is located at 0.000″ in Y and I feed to 0.000″ in X. The fewer numbers I have to remember, the fewer chances for mistakes.

04-ring_groove2Tool #2 is moved in Y to cut the second groove, but I’m still feeding X to 0.000″.

05-part_offBack to the first tool to part the pin off from the stock. The above steps are repeated to make the full compliment of slave rod pins.

06-chamfer_endOnce all of the pins have been parted off from the stock, I set up the 3/16″ collet with a collet stop. Each end of the pins is chamfered, and hit lightly with a 600 grit abrasive file to knock any burrs of around the chamfer and the snap ring groove.

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