Hodgson Part 029/030, Sump Oil Tubes

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sumpAs explained in the construction log for the sump body, I’ve modified the sump tubes to slip into the crankcase instead of attaching with threads.

rear_tube01Starting with some 13mm brass stock, I’ve roughed out the aft sump-to-pump oil tube.

rear_tube02Since the rear tube is so long, I’m drilling a #33 hole halfway from this side. I’ll finish drilling from the other side later and then ream to the finish 0.125″ size.

rear_tube03I’ve finished turned the bosses at both ends with my grooving tool removing the 0.005″ stock I left when roughing. Now I’m adding the waist in the center section with a 2mm radius profiling tool.

Just like with the sump cap, I prefer radii instead of sharp corners for embellishment like this.

rear_tube04Finally, I’m adding the groove for the 5mm I.D. x 1.0mm thick o-ring. I held off on this so the part would be a little more rigid for turning the waist.

front_tube01The rear tube has been parted off, and now the front tube, the engine-to-sump tube, is being machined in the same manner.

front_tube02As before, adding the o-ring groove is the last thing to be done before parting the tube off the stock.

front_tube03With the o-ring groove cut, the oil tube is parted off.

rear_tube05I’ve re-chucked the rear sump-to-pump tube in a 1/4″ collet and I’m completing the #33 hole through after centerdrilling the end.

rear_tube06I’ll ream the hole to 0.125″ removing any mis-match caused by drilling from both ends and leaving a nice surface finish to reduce friction. Finally, I’ll face the tube to length and repeat the reaming and facing on the front tube.

rear_tube07With the part mounted in a 5C collet block, an 1/8″ endmill is used in the mill to notch the end of the sump return tube.

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