Datsun Roadster

I’ve always been a car guy, but unfortunately haven’t always thought to take photos of my cars. I don’t have any pictures of the little Honda Trail 70 motorcycle that I rode all over Glenrose Texas when I was 8, or of the bigger Suzuki 90 that I graduated to when I was 12. And I really wish I’d taken a few pictures of my first car, a Datsun Bluebird sedan, which I bought for $25 when I was 15. I had to rebuild the transmission which was a great lesson for a kid to learn.

While I was in college and working part-time in a machine shop I bought a beat-up, non-running car, this Datsun Roadster. I built it an engine with the help of my brother and dropped it in, painted and finished it myself, and drove it for several years. Wish I had some photos of the process, and a better picture of the end result!