Quorn Parts 102/103, Bed Bars

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front_and_rear_barThe bed bars are very simple parts. I choose to make mine 1″ longer than Chaddock did. And in order to keep rusting to a minimum I made mine out of 440 stainless, which was heat treated to 35HRc before grinding to finished diameter.

One change I did make from Chaddock’s original design was to his method of using Loctite to fix the rear bed bar and the vertical wheelhead column. Chaddock recommended boring the holes in the base casting for these bars 0.003″ oversize, which was to allow for a sufficient film of Loctite adhesive to lock these parts in place.

Because I spent a lot of time making sure my bores were straight, on-location, and on-size, I didn’t want to give up this precision by boring the holes oversize. Instead I chose to knurl the bars where they were inserted inside the castings.

Quorn 102/103 Bed BarsA very heavy knurl was done while the parts were still oversize before heat treatment. Then when the parts were ground to size, most of the knurl remains to provide extra area for the Loctite while still maintaining metal-to-metal contact between the bars and the base casting bores.

front_and_rear_barThe finished bed bars. Not much to look at, but I wanted to be complete.

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