Hodgson Part 012, Cam Retainer Plate Spacers

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spacer01I had some scrap 7075-T6 aluminum left over from some other parts so I knocked off the corners until I could fit it into a collet. I then rough turned it down until is was round.

spacer02The rough-turned stock was then placed in a smaller collet and a 7/8″ long section was turned to 0.344″. The fit was checked in the retaining plate counterbores before proceeding.

spacer03The clearance hole for the #6-32 SHCS was center-drilled and drilled to size.

spacer04The spacer was then sawn from the stock and the process repeated two more times.

spacer05Each spacer was then re-chucked in an 11/32″ collet and faced to the finished length. These were made to 0.765″ because I added 0.025″ at each end for the counterbores.

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